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Can't disable EWF with CF

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  • Can't disable EWF with CF

    Okay so I finally got my ExtremeIII CF to boot Windows. YAY (although it's no 10 second boot, sigh slow BIOS). I turned on EWF to protect the volume. Now I want to make a couple changes, so I hit "ewfmgr c: disableandcommit -live" and it hangs. Any solutions for this?

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    The command is: ewfmgr c: -commitanddisable -live

    Not sure why it's hanging though....
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      Yeah that's it, I have the enable and disable in bat files on my desktop, so I don't really remember what the syntax is.

      Does ewf care if it's set to a fixed drive or whatever?


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        If you have made a lot of changes to the protected volume the command does not hang, it takes a few minutes to complete. Be patient, or turn off EWF before making changes, make your changes, then re-enable it. I once sent that command after updated a ton of stuff and it sat there for 3 minutes before it wrote all the changes from ram to flash.
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          Can I turn it off, make changes, and then re-enable, then reboot and have everything changed? I'll give this a try, thanks! I've been using EWF on my hard drive for the past few months and haven't ever had it take longer than a blink of an eye.


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            I've let it sit for 20 minutes, no dice. Looks like I'll have to redeploy.