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Quicktime movies are choppy.

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  • Quicktime movies are choppy.

    Don't know if this is in right category but I believe it is...

    Anyways, my fairly new car pc has been running great is very capable to handle anything i throw at it except for HD quick time movies. (which are the only quicktime movies I tried)

    I have quicktime pro and is updated yet a team fortress 2 trailer that I tried on my car pc is very choppy. (that game rocks by the way)

    I suspect the refresh rate that I set windows xp to in order for the 629 lilliput to post might be the culprit because everything else has been eliminated. Could this be the problem? (low refresh rate for HD quicktime large movies?)

    all divx and dvd's ect run fine. and the same exact quicktime file runs fine on my desktop with same quicktime installation.

    my car pc is an xp 2600 with 1 gig of ram and tears through all other applications. However, my video card is dated.... a 1999 Diamond video card. (i didn't have onboard video, and it was the only video card I had that fit in my small custom pc case)

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    Video card might be the problem, if you have low video memory it is struggling in playback especially if it is hd. You may only just have a driver problem, find out if there is a driver update for your video card.


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      thanks for reply.

      I believe your idea about low video memory is possible culprit.

      As for the driver... There is nothing that can be change about it. I've done a lot of searching on that and the Diamond viper card from back in 99 like this one can only be installed on XP as a TNT 2 card.

      I think it's the video memory as you said.

      Guess I'll have to try a USB video card when i have the money and time. (a larger video card is out of the question, as my PC case is has not even another 2mm of clearance. (the diamond card is nice and small.)