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i need a 'for dummies' guide

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  • i need a 'for dummies' guide

    i have read through a lot of stuff to get xp to boot quicker and decrease the initial amount of space it takes up. and after reading so much, i get confused. i get things mixed up. i need a dummies guide to tweaking xp. here is what i want to achieve.....

    1. quicker boot time of course

    2. to launch wordpad, firefox, PDAnet, bluetooth device, winamp, zoomplayer/VLC/or some other player, calculator, nx 2 required software, ect....

    3. be stable and launch any other program from RR

    4. to load directly into xp (i have that one figured out from searching )

    5. can i load a much smaller image of xp from a SD card or usb stick? all mine are 1 Giggers

    im sure i will think of more as time goes along. thank you in advance

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    All are realistic

    1. To make a small image of windows xp you can go about it 2 ways:

    - Get a program called Nlite, as long as you have an original XP disk, you can go through a wizard and essentially remove all the 'bloat' that isnt needed out of Windows. If you look through this section of the forum, there are people that uploaded a file called 'lastsession.ini' it contains a pre-configured setup, that someelse has used

    - Search for 'TinyXP' most versions are illegal, however there was one, that would make it from your licence key and original XP disk some where in the forum

    Its realistic that windows could comfortably run from a 1gb card, once youve done either of the 2 options above. Ive seen it run on as little as 400mb of hard drive space

    Once thats done you can them optimise it further by using 'Minlogon' all links are stickied here

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      thanks for this info. i know doing this will help my truckputer bootup much much faster and allow more room for things like music, music videos, and video clips.