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XP SP3 (service pack 3) speed improvements

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  • XP SP3 (service pack 3) speed improvements

    They released RC2 for XP sp3 and people are reporting speed improvements by like 60% over sp2. If you use XP and are looking to speed it up a little this is something to consider.

    Heres the link to the script you need to download and install to make the update avaible to you:

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    I'd be interested in hearing direct testimonials from people on this board about this. Anyone who has installed this care to share?
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      Ive just downloaded it now

      going to try it

      im not optimistic on it making a blind bit of difference
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        it wont even install for me but it could be because i'm running xp pro Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          60% speed improvement?! lmao...
          MS must of added the Toronado intake swirl thingie to get that kinda speed boost!!


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            I Kinda See a Little Bit of a Faster Operating System Not enough to Give up my Apple But enough to make me a little Bit Happier about The Evil Empire!
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              after installing sp3 i'm getting a consistently lower score on 3dmark06
              i was pulling 8848 yesterday and 8846 today, then installed sp3 and pulled a 8827, and 8838 today.

              seems it i s a little slower

              that being said, that was done remotely without touching any settings from work. i will do another test when i get home and see if anything installed by sp3 might have screwed with the results somehow.
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                3dmark06 isn't an appropriate test as fast as how fast the OS is running. All it's testing is 3D rendering and a big part of that is the graphics card.


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                  I'm aware, but i just happened to do a test yesterday with it, so i thought i would check again after the install. i was going to run a cpu benchmark, but i didn't run one prior to installing the service pack.


                  Main test results
                  3DMark Score 8844 3DMarks
                  SM 2.0 Score 4194
                  SM 3.0 Score 4106
                  CPU Score 1927


                  3DMark Score 8837 3DMarks
                  SM 2.0 Score 4190
                  SM 3.0 Score 4105
                  CPU Score 1924

                  but like i said, i am working through vnc, so i haven't actually seen the difference. i installed the service pack over vnc and haven't physically been at the computer since i did so
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                    Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
                    it wont even install for me but it could be because i'm running xp pro
                    You have to run windows update after you run the sp3 thing. It'll download now with the rest of your updates.
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                      i had to install the patch and then reboot the computer before windows update showed it.
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                        FYI; this is Microsoft's overview of SP3.



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                          Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
                          it wont even install for me but it could be because i'm running xp pro
                          i had to revert to original xp boot screen before it wanted to install.
                          but be careful, because i got an hal.dll missing error and i had to reinstall from scratch.
                          better copy your hal.dll from \windows\system32 folder on another location and if something similar happens you can copy it back to system32 folder with some live cd disc or maybe if u have a dual boot
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                            Best way to install is to slipstream into the XP SP2 install CD, but there are a few things to watch for as documented here:


                            Otherwise you are doing SP2, about 125+ windows updates, and THEN SP3 which already includes those updates.
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                              I did an SP3 slipstream CD and then used nlite to remove stuff I'll never use from the install (mainly networking stuff) and the boot time on my carPC dropped from over a minute with SP2 to about 20 seconds!
                              I also repartitioned my hard disk which could possibly have added to the drop too.
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