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  • Diskless Angel XP

    There is something I think it could work for a CarPC. The website is

    I didn't have a chance to test it yet, but I'll give it a try soon. Also, I'd like to hear from everyone who looks at it and see where can we go with it. I think it's a good way to avoid Hard Drive failures at 1.0G forces.

    So far I'm running my OS from a microdrive CF 8GB and I have a USB 2.5" HD inside the car with my music. I wonder how much longer the microdrive will work... My car is no "SoccerMom Van" kind of vehicle.

    From their website:

    'Diskless Angel' can take Microsoft Windows XP / 2K /NT / ME / 9X / 2K3 Server / PE to run totally in RAM under diskless condition, it can serve the purpose of environmental protection, saving power consumption and elimination of virus infection (virus will be destroyed after rebooting the computer once virus infection occurs).

    So , using Diskless Angel, diskless computer and device including diskless pc, diskless umpc, diskless umd can easily boot up and run with diskless windows including diskless 98 , diskless 2000 and diskless XP. Live Windows CD or Live Windows DVD for diskless windows , including diskless 98 , diskless 2000 and diskless xp can also be made easily .

    Unlike XP Embedded, Diskless Angel XP can be set up easily, can take full size general purpose XP to run totally in ram and can run in diskless condition in standalone computer or device as diskless workstation after starting up from hard disk.

    Other Features:
    . Minimizing hard disk maintenance work
    . Saving 15% of total electrical power
    . No System Hang due to hard disk problem
    . No damage to hard disk due to testing of software
    . Lightning speed to run in ram
    . Swapping hard disks anytime
    . Safe online banking after fresh reboot in
    . No trace after operation
    . No damage to system in amending registry list
    . No expiry for software with time limit
    . Instant-on after waking up from Standby Mode
    . Bootable from HD,CD/DVD, SD,USB Flash, Network Fileserver etc
    . Reducing the weight of mobile computer, making it more portable.

    My Setup:
    Mustang 2000 GT Silver
    LCD: 7' Xenarc TS
    Slot DVD-RW

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    if i were going to do a setup from scratch i might consider trying that but my system now is working just fine for me Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      How much does it cost to get a licensed copy? Does it require that you already have the Windows or other OS license, too?


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        Hmm, seems to work the same way I've been running Windows 98SE lite for some while now. I really like my Win98 setup - my win 98 image is 20Mb on flash DOM, unzips to a ramdisk and boots from there (really fast). And no writes to flash drive at all.

        Diskless Angel seems like a lot less hassle than the way I did it.
        Old Systems retired due to new car
        New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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          I don't like how they force you to register your license to a hardware ID but it's $25 for a 1 gig license and $50 for a 2 gig license. Not bad really.