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    Alright I have never tried to strip windows before the problem is the PC I am running it on does not have enough space to work with (10GB hd for now untill I get a new one), so basically all nlite is doing is creating a ISO to install windows again but with everything stripped, so could I run nlite on my normal computer with vista yet still pop in the XP disc and create the ISO I need? Please shed some light all the FAQ and walkthrews seems to be leading me into a wall the farther I go.

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    I just did that exact thing yesterday. On my vista machine I just copied all the content from the XP cd onto the drive and had nlite point to that. At the end you can ask it to create a bootable iso that you can burn and run on the pc you want to install it on.

    Hope that helped a little


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      Yeah mate, it doesn't matter that your using Vista. Just put your xp cd in your cd-rom and when it asks for the location of the file point it to your cd-rom. When it asks for the location to save the nlited file, just create a fold on your desktop and when prompted, create a bootable ISO.
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        and for burning the image, use a cdrw so you can wipe the disc and tune everything untill you get it just the way you feel is comfortable. thats what i didnt do. no matter, i have hundreds of blank cd's n dvd's.