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nlite and hibernation help

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  • nlite and hibernation help

    i dont know what it is that i am checking to cause hibernation to not be an option for shutdowns. ive made my disc over and over and over again, but i still end up with the same result, no hibernation option! ive got my image down to 248mb, im happy with it at that.

    oh, i did search but couldnt come up with any clear results for hibernation and nlite, well nothing relevant to what i am needing help on.

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    hmm....ok, i think i found the issue. got the answer from a good search and it lead to here. ha. here is what i found

    Originally posted by Gobby View Post
    For the hibernation problem, make sure you have the correct graphics drivers installed.
    never did i think that not having the video drivers installed would cause this. that just perplexes me. oh well, we shall see if that works.


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      I'll drop this down, just in case you over looked it:

      You need to enable hibernation in the power options.

      Edit:Also you may have to hit shift I think to make the hibernation button pop up from the shutdown option list.


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        the video drivers do need to be installed. hibernate cant be enabled until video drivers are installed. im not too sure if holding shift at the shutdown popup shows hibernate before video drivers are installed.


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          Gotcha, I'm just throwing the obvious stuff out there just in case.