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EWF messud up my HDD, HELP?!?!?!?!

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  • EWF messud up my HDD, HELP?!?!?!?!

    Hi mp3's,

    I have to following problem:

    tried to install EWF on my HDD wit 3 partitions and during reboot I got the blue screen of dead.

    after several reboots, nothing worked. Decided to intall XP over again on C:
    during install (when xp was replacing/implementing registry) I got the blue screen again. tried to install it several times over (went tot sleep with xp trying to install for the 5th time) but still got the blue screen! I tried 2 different xp CD's and everytime it goes wrong when xp is installing the registry components (last 15 min of the install)

    I''ve even formatted the complete HDD (not the fast version, but the really slow one!)

    Is my HDD messed up now? Is there something that I have to change (bios or something else)?

    Please can someone help? I'm desperate!!!!

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    Since EWF prevents writes to the hard drive I'd venture to say it wasn't what caused your current problems, especially since you're experiencing them even after a format.

    Maybe the HDD just went bad?
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      tnx for your reply,

      the problem is that I got the first blue screen immediately after I rebooted when installing/implementing EWF. so EWF did not install correctly to my knowledge

      does this change the facts?

      does it have something to do that I am trying to intall EWF on a regular HDD?

      I really hope the HDD hasn't gone bad..because it's a new one, after my old one gone bad!!!!


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        If you did a full format and it still blue screens even before you try to setup EWF, you have a hardware problem.


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          ahhh @#!$!@#

          I'l try and connect the HDD with my homepc and see if it installs correctly on that pc and even try an normal HDD connected to the carpc and see if I get the blue screen on a new xp install

          tnx for the replies, I'll get right on it after work!!!

          Tnx again


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            ooh my God,

            I can't believe it. I plugged my sata cable into a different plug and it worked again...the blue screen dissapeared and I installed another xp on the carpc.

            I am still thinking if it's a good idea to try EWF still on this drive. I am still wondering if it''s becuase of the EWF that I good hardware dis-compatabilities.


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              I know it's critical to import the registry entries properly. And you will definitely get blue screens if you don't.