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Standby or Hibernate?

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  • Standby or Hibernate?

    hi all.. wondered if i should go for hibernate or standby..

    whats the main difference here? i`ve used standby for some time now and never been bothered by draining the batteries of my car.

    is this the main concern for you ppl or am i missing out on something?

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    Well if you are using standby and you arent draining the battery, you are very lucky :-) Maybe you use the car every day, for extended periods? Because if you park most vehicles for a day or two on standby with one battery in the car, it should drain it.

    I think most people probably use hibernate. It takes a very small amount of time longer to resume, but you use less (almost nill) power.

    Some PSU's monitor the voltage and send the shutdown command if it drops below a certain level. Is it possible that you are shutting the car, its going into standby and later when the voltage drops the PSU is putting it into hibernate. Could it be that you are not noticing it resume from hibernation sometimes?

    No other ideas.

    Sorry you asked about the main difference.

    Simply stated.

    Standby : The CPU goes into a low power mode, the display is shut down, the ram stays powered. Very quick return to operating state. Uses less power than when its running but still actively using power for ram and other things.

    Hibernate : a picture of the system state (what programs are running and the information in ram) is saved to the hard drive, then the system is shut down (all the way down, you could pull it out of the car and put it back in and it would resume right where you left it). When you start back up, the MB goes through POST, then the image of what belongs in memory is loaded from the hard drive back into memory. This happens a whole lot quicker than rebooting windows and initializing all the drivers and such. Theoreticaly uses zero power while hibernating.

    ( I only say theoreticaly because some PSU/MB cause a draw, albeit a very small one, just being connected to the system). I cant explain this, its like putting a small light bulb on the end of a thousand foot wire, if you shut the light, for some reason the battery will drain faster than if it wasnt connected to that wire. (not an engeneer, just stating what I have read).
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      hi, thx for an excellent description..
      i`ve used standby for quite a time now.. and never gone free for battery power. and i generally use my car only in the weekends, i use my company car during the week.

      i`ve tryed hibernate sometimes, but i think it is so slow booting up again compared to standby, that i have not bothered to try it furthermore..

      i do got 2 deep cycle optima batteries in my car btw, but never noticed any loss in power when starting in cold weather..


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        If you dont want ot drain you battery out,and still want ot be able to use standby you can do what i don since a couple of weeks.

        Go to your confuguration screen, and the choose the Power options.

        then tel the system what to do when you hit the powerbutton, in your case STANDBY

        The go to the Power schemes TAB and there you can configurate when system goes into Hibernation.
        To be able to do this you also need to give a time in the Stanby box,otherwise it won't work.

        My system is configurated as follow.

        Standby after 1 hour

        Hibernation after 2 hours.

        Now you can stop your car to fill up your tank and when you start your engine system will be up and running in no time (mucht faster then using hibernation).
        And if you dont use your car for a period longer then 2 hours XP will start it up and hibernate right away.

        If you are using the M2-ATX powersupply you wont be able to use standby longer then 2 hours because it will do a Hardoff after that amount of time (if you set your M2-ATX to hardoff=never then it's not a problem)
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