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Is CF better than HDD?

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  • Is CF better than HDD?

    I'm asking here, because I'm thinking about the OS and the booting device.

    I'm working on my project now for a carPC for Mercedes-Benz CLK, year 2000.
    I`'m using a HP OmniBook Xe3 with a broken LCD lid and external LCD screen with touchscreen.
    The laptop have 10 Gb 2.5" HDD and 128 Mb RAM.
    It seems not enough, but it boots Windows XP Pro for 28 seconds now.
    I have only disabled most of the services and some other boot optimisations.

    I have read here about EWF and minLogon and I think I will use them also.

    What I'm thinking about now is to use a 16 Gb Compact Flash card instead of that old 2.5" HDD.

    1. Do I have to check any parameters of the CF cards to be sure to support boot from CF of Windows XP.
    2. Is 16 Gb OK for CF? If I use EWF is 16 Gb necessary?
    3. Can I split the CF card into 2 logical drives?
    4. What speed have to support the CF card to be reliable? 133x or 200x?
    5. Do I have to modify anything in the OS to enable it to run on a CF?
    5. In your opinion - will Windows XP Pro boot faster from CF card?

    Thanks for the answers.

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    I have been using a CF for 3 years so let me answer:
    1: As long as you keep in the known brands you should not have any problems, I use Sandisk, the speed is ok.
    2: I run everything off a 8Gb card, I had a 2gb before but i needed more space for Iguidance so i upgraded, the 8gb was 10$ more then the 4gb so i went for it. EWF is NECESSARY as a CF has limited write cycles, read on HORM also, its very useful.
    3: As far as i know no
    4:133x is aceptable as long as you run EWF and HORM, writing on a CF is SLOOOOOW
    5:not if detected as a hard drive (IDE or Sata adapter) just take away everything that writes like page files etc
    6:NO! I use it as we have -20C temps that frezze hard drives right up


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      Why go CF on a "new" system.. when you can go SSD?


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        because you keep your SSD in your desktop!!!!


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          Is CF better than HDD? Reply to Thread
          Hard drives are easier to use, and I have never had one die in the car
          from pot holes or movement from the car, speed wise, Compact Flash
          is slower, sometimes a lot slower,

          Compact flash does have the advantage of being a little easier to work with
          in some ways, I often setup an OS on a Compact Flash and then use my
          windows or Linux box to make a disk image, if there is ever a problem or
          I want to change something all I have to do is re-flash another image

          You can do that with hard disks also, but it just seams a lot quicker
          and easier with Compact Flash, I am sure it helps that I have a
          Compact Flash reader installed in my computer, and that you only
          have to pull the card out of the adapter and then plug it to the
          reader, well that an the image is smaller also,

          I have often wondered if locking down the image is necessary
          if you disable the swap file and disable write behind caching
          and with 8gb being like $20, and it being so easy to flash an
          image, why not just use it till it fails an a few years and just
          replace with another


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            Originally posted by trueppp View Post
            because you keep your SSD in your desktop!!!!
            No! You don't... Well. You can if you want to.. SSD is allso 2.5" So it's easily fited into a laptop or a carpc for that matter...

            Search up OCZSSD2-1VTX250G and you'll find a nice drive that I plan on having in my setup.