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pci.sys on Atom2?

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  • pci.sys on Atom2?

    Morning all,

    I've decided to replace my current system with a Dual Core Atom2, 2Gb ram and Sata HDD. The only problem is that I get a pci.sys error using my Dell re-installation CD (pre-SP). I tried using another install CD with SP2 but that gave me a product key error (I believe its something to do with Dell product key or changes in product key with SP2).

    Is the way forward either:

    a) slipstreaming either SP2 or SP3 with original install CD (is product ket going to be an issue)?, or

    b) slipstreaming pci driver with original install CD , but which and where from? or

    c) disabling the pci in the BIOS somehow, but how?

    This is a valid product key from a machine I no longer use and guess that technically I should be buying another licence as the machine has been altered but...........

    I'd appreciate some helpful suggestions about how to resolve this, else I may have to spend another fortune on an XP licence

    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Bump. I'm hoping to give this another go tomorrow. Please PM if easier
    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.