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Windows crashes when booting from CF

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  • Windows crashes when booting from CF

    Alright, I want to swap the harddisk in my CarPC with a cf card. I installed my CarPC on a virtual pc. I formated the cf card with FAT32 and ran bootprep. Then I copied everything over to the cf card. The system starts to boot, I can just see the boot picture appear, but then the system crashes/reboots. I tried to run the system in safe mode, but then it also just reboots.

    Did I miss something ?

    VIA EPIA M10000
    Bios Version 1.16
    512 MB RAM
    Transcend 300x 4GB cf card
    I got one of therse adapters: Yingstar Dual CF Compactflash adapter
    no other hardware attached

    P.S. The system runs fine with my harddisk.

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    Try just with a boot.ini and ntldr on the drive and see what happens.

    Also, I'm willing to bet it's the CF Chinese adapters from ebay are notorious for misbehaving. I suggest LogicSupply, Addonics, or ACSControl.
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      when you try to boot in safe mode, what's the last file you see before it crashes?
      it's most likely that you installed win in vmware and transfered the image to boot of an actual pc, the hardware has now changed and win doesn't know how to use the new hardware (it's something that's only configured during initial win install)
      same scenario i once tried to take a hard drive that booted fine and put it into a different pc to boot off of it, it wouldn't boot and stuck at loading the mup.sys file. after doing research i learned the basic rule that unless the 2 pc's have almost identical mobo's and processors you can't swap boot drives.
      sorry but it looks like you'll need to reinstall win, but let me know what file it's crashing on.
      also you can download hiren's boot cd here and burn iso with included iso burning software, pop it in your carputer drive and go to hard disk or testing utilities and do a hdd scan to make sure the ssd reads and writes correctly. but i think it has more to do with software then hardware.
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