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How can I install all updates at once?

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  • How can I install all updates at once?

    Hi there,

    I've Googled around and have not found another topic about this, so i'll ask away.

    I recently had my computer re-imaged/formatted. When I first got it back, I decided to install some windows updates. When I downloaded 1, it said:

    Updates Installed: 2
    Updates failed: 0
    Updates remaining: 97

    I was flabbergasted to say the least. So, I want to know how to download all my Microsoft updates (97 of them) in one go, rather than installing 1, then restarting computer then installing another and so on.

    Hope anyone can help. Thanks!
    By the way, i'm kind of new here

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    What OS is it? Normally when you install the service packs, all of those updates are installed with it. If there are no service packs installed on the system, download those and install them rather than each individual update.

    If it's XP or Vista, you can go the service pack route, if it's Windows 7... you'll have to let it load each individual update.


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      It will load them in batches....very often they build off of each other though so those two updates may actually be an update to the update software (hope that made sense). Then the next batch will be 90+ main updates and then maybe one more but its rarely more then 3 restarts (even going from stock xp to sp3 w/updates)
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