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Windows 7 and some problems - anyone else have these?

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  • Windows 7 and some problems - anyone else have these?

    I've installed windows 7 on my carpc and so far like the fast response and very fast boot times (without even having to tweak it) however I've got a few issues that are making me think of returning to XP with EWF/Horm.

    For one - OBDPros scantool. Doesn't work. Even updated to the windows 7 version of the FTDI usb serial drivers it uses - when I plug it in, windows 7 recognizes it but no software can do anything with it.

    Various wierd issues with apps embedding in RR. Using RR with the default carwings lite, or carwings dynamic it seems that 75% of the time when I load Garmin, it loads on top of the screen. I have to minimize it and let RR re-position it for the skin to show up on top. This also happens with iGuidance...only far less frequent - maybe 40% of the time if that. I never had this problem on XP.

    Bluetooth. It *seems* that bluetooth in Windows 7 works really well to start with. However I use Tether and each time I try to use it, I have to remove my blackberry 9000 from the list of paired devices, then re-add it. My bb will try to pair with my carputer and continually give me a message that it failed.

    Then there's X-Port. Sometimes it works like it should, other times it doesn't. When it doesn't, I have to open Xport, disable the ports, hit scan a couple times, then adjust the port speed, then re-enable the ports again. This of course I haven't checked for a new version or told it to run in a compatability mode either. Haven't had a whole lot of time with work and crap like that getting in the way.

    FBWF. Successor to EWF. I would LOVE to use it...except not only does it make my boot times SLOWER (with EWF it was faster), but when ANY program tries to write to one of the excluded locations (which to my understanding should allow write-through support in order to save changes) causes it to immediately blue-screen. Personally, a lot of that information on the blue-screen is useless...and Microsoft should just replace all the useless "check with your administrator, give him more money, and sacrifice a small woodland creature in hopes he/she can resolve your proble" with a nice big fat ASCII middle finger. It would mean basically the same thing

    So does anyone else notice things like this? Or is it just me and I need to re-load Windows 7 again and hope for the best?

    oh - hardware specs:
    Zotac 610i mini-itx board
    Intel E3200
    2GB ddr2-800
    32gb SSD for primary OS
    80GB for data/music/driver storage
    Asus Xonar DX PCI-E audio
    2 USB hubs up front, one behind the dash (powered), one accessable from the dash.
    USB mini bluetooth adapter
    QStarz Q818x 5hz gps receiver via USB (supports bluetooth also)
    OBDPros USB OBDII scantool
    EBY701 LED backlit display + Touchscreen

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    I am using Windows 7, but I'm not using the specific applications that you are, so I'm not sure if my comments will be much help at all (but I'm not going to let that stop me). I'm using Bluesoleil with the plugin inside of RR with the elite skin and that seems to work quite well so far. I'm also using Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 instead of iGuidance, but I haven't really noticed any problems with the screen sizing with it (I'm looking to replace that, however, since it's not geared at all to a touch screen).

    The only thing I would say that's been weird so far is that I installed a CAN232 adapter that I feel certain is hooked up correctly to my CAN-BUS network, but I can't get any output from the CAN-BUS at all (although I can get the version # echoed back from the CAN232). I have a CANUSB adapter on order that I'm hoping will resolve that for me, however.


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      I forgot to mention one more problem. iLists. They suck on it. They start out REALLY choppy, skipping entire pages at a time, and then smooth out for a second, then go back to choppy. Not sure why, there's literally less than 5% cpu usage and no hdd activity.

      I may give it one more shot with a re-install and if things dont work better then I'll go back to XP

      sad too... I really liked 7.


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        Have you installed the chipset, video and sound drivers made available by Zotac? I'm using a Zotac board as well, and I did install the Zotac specific drivers.


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          yep. Started with those, then upgraded to the Latest nvidia drivers just to see if that would resolve. No change

          If I have time tonight I'm going to blow it away and re-install it. I have to re-fab part of the dash anyway so I may as well multi-task

          I'd just hate to go back to XP and do all the tweaking to make it boot as fast as W7 does without tweaking. I have an Asus atom330 board that I just picked up not too long ago (picked the board + 150w PicoPSU from frys for $139 no rebate) for the wife's setup in her van, but now she decided she just wants something like a Kenwood or Clarion standalone unit to keep me from messing with it. I thought about possibly messing with that but it doesn't have a PCI-E slot on it, just I'd lose my Asus Xonar DX...which I absolutely LOVE the sound from since I replaced the speakers in the car with Infinity's.


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            I'm using a 330 board with the Win7 install and have been very happy with the performance thus far. Incidentally, I actually have a Xonar card as well sitting in my house, but I haven't decided if I want to replace the onboard sound with it or not. My 330 board does have a PCI-X slot I believe, so I guess that's an option. The fact that you indicated it works so well really makes me want to attempt that now...

            My wife would never let me put a computer in her car too, so I know where you're coming from on that one

            I didn't even think about this, but I do believe I have Aero disabled, as justchat_1 indicates below.


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              Disable aero and it will function just like XP. Most of the problems you listed aren't bugs in win7 they're bugs in roadrunner (which was designed for XP).

              There should be an option on your blackberry for automatically connect when the device is in range-disable that and it will allow only computer->phone connections not the reverse.
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                Originally posted by justchat_1 View Post
                Disable aero and it will function just like XP. Most of the problems you listed aren't bugs in win7 they're bugs in roadrunner (which was designed for XP).

                There should be an option on your blackberry for automatically connect when the device is in range-disable that and it will allow only computer->phone connections not the reverse.
                I think I already have Aero disabled. I have the display settings set to performance, but I'll go in and double check all that.

                As for the phone connecting automatically, it tries. Repeatedly. But for whatever reason it always comes back "connecting to Nissan failed". However if I go into the windows bluetooth panel, remove the device and re-pair it, it works fine...until it disconnects again. I have a licensed copy of BlueSoleil but for whatever reason Tether won't work with it. Once again...maybe b/c my Windows 7 installation is fubar? With bluesoleil installed and the blackberry paired, Tether just sits and "checking for widcomm" and then goes to "looking for services" and repeats the process never finding the phone.

                If I had the time, I'd prolly try to make a skin for bluetooth stuff as well to go with my Tether skin. Unfortunately time isn't what I have a lot of these days


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                  For the Garmin problem, I updated to the latest Elcosmenu which helped a little bit. But the solution for me was to kill explorer.exe, and now the Garmin overlay/etc works 100% as it should.


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                    I am running Windows 7 and the USB ODBPro

                    I haven't had any issues with that device but my carnetix is still not working and the support kinda blows. But hopefully carnetix will make a vista/windows 7 driver. besides that issue everything runs smoothly
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                      there are NO known issues in RideRunner with windows 7, yes, even ilists work perfectly, they are based on DirectX which has long been in windows OS for years

                      i never tried garmin, but i see you got it worked out, i dont think its good to terminate the explorer.exe (the shell) if i get the garmin application, i might be able to help
                      i got iguidance... and that embedds fine...

                      and i run with areo on...
                      for a carpc, areo off is fine...

                      and for the record, RideRunner is deigned and programmed for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 x86 & x64
                      course no need for x64 in a carpc, but thats another subject

                      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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                        Mitch - I don't think I attributed any of my issues to RR, more to windows quirks itself.

                        I'm playing with an Asus AT3N7A-I Atom330 ION board right now. So far, it seems decent. Boots slower, some things run slower, overall response is a bit slower...but that's to be expected going from my Zotac E3200 setup to an Atom...but the difference isn't enough to stop me from using it Could also be that it's a little slower b/c I'm using an SSD with the Zotac setup and a standard 2.5" drive on this ION.

                        I must say the onboard Via audio on this ION board is MUCH better than the onboard Realtek on my Zotac. I haven't moved all my devices over yet, but so far it seems to not have the same quirks as my existing setup. I'm working on the bluetooth right now. Hopefully it'll work nicer