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need some help screwed up bootskin

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  • need some help screwed up bootskin

    ok i think i screwed something up i just went to use the bootskin program to change my boot screen. i tested it in the bootsking program and it worked fine thn i applied it and reboted and now a get a bsod and it tries to reboot and keeps repeating this.

    i can still get into safe mode but not sure exactley what to do ti fix this.

    here is the exact steps i did to cause this.
    run bootskin and test boot screen
    apply screen and disable ewf wait for overlay writing
    enable ewf and restart.

    please help this was just about the last thing i was gonna do before calling it done for know.
    i dont just suck at spelling i also suck at typing.

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    stardocks bootskin edits the pictures in ntoskrnl.exe

    ways around it:

    safemode -> stardocks bootskin -> select "default" (at the top) -> apply -> restart
    add the switch /noguiboot to boot.ini (on the same line as your windows info), turns boot screen black
    add switch /sos to boot.ini (same line again) shows drivers loading
    [ I myself have not tested this ] add switch /bootlogo and /noguiboot and have "boot.bmp" in windows directory
    boot.bmp must be 640x480 4-bit 16 colors

    adding your own boot screen with switches seems safer than alot of other boot screen editors in run across.
    ive tried a bunch of boot screen edits too and i like stardocks bootskin but im not sure if its the program or its a bios thing but some boards wont run a non-stock boot screen. my d945gclf worked fine with bootskin but not the asus at3n7a-i, it just bsod on start up.

    ive never stuck my fingers into ewf but it sounds like u know your way around it

    and if some one running the famous zotac atom/ion marriage runs across this, can you run a bootskin


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      thank you got it worked out.
      i dont just suck at spelling i also suck at typing.