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EWF and I have it right on how it works?

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  • EWF and I have it right on how it works?

    I just finished rebuilding my system. I've added an SSD for the OS and apps and a USB hdd for music.
    I've disabled many unnecessary services and done other tweaks to reduce writes and speed up the system. I currently use hibernation and the resume time is ok.
    The system is only used for music, radio, gps, pictures and video.

    I setup EWF on a virtual machine to test things but still have a couple questions.

    If I use ewfmgr C: -commit - will it commit any changes when it's rebooted? I'm not looking for HORM, I'd just like to stop the meaningless writes Windows seems to do.

    Will hibernate still work with EWF

    The memory EWF uses could fill up causing problems, right? Monitoring it would be important and rebooting on occasion would be needed to clear EWF memory?

    Is EWF something worth looking into?