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Windows shutdown ???

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  • Windows shutdown ???

    When you shutdown winXP it says that it will store user data to disk.

    Can this be disabled and is it really needed for car pc use.
    The road is long but we are getting there.

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    The feature is called hibernate. It can be disabled for more storage space (as much as your memory because the hibernate file will be the size of your RAM). If you disable it then the startups will take longer. Hibernation just puts everything from the HD back into the ram and you're going from were you left off the previous time you shut the car down.
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      No I do not use the hibernate feature.

      I simply shut down the system.
      Windows goes through 3 screens when shutting down. First there is a screen where it says " Disconnecting" then the text change and it says " storing your settings" and finally the text changes again and it says " storing unstored data to disk".
      This is a crude translation of the text that I see because I have a Greek version of Windows XP Pro.

      All this takes about 5 to 7 seconds to complete.
      The road is long but we are getting there.


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        yes u can there is this option to stop and end all task upon shut down its with in the new nlite 99.5 enjoy (im assuming ur talking about the screen that says saving all work, and the option for ending all tasks....both off those are in the new nlite)


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          Yes that is exactly what I mean. Can this be don without any third party software.
          The road is long but we are getting there.


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            This site might help:
            MyMedia Website