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Fastest tweaked OS on an old PC?

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  • Fastest tweaked OS on an old PC?

    I am still planning my carputer and slowly getting all of my hardware and software lined up. For my carputer I am going to have the choice of these operating systems: Win 98, Win 2k, and XP Home. I have been researching all the various tweaks that are mentioned here and I've done some Googling as well. If you've got any experience with any of these setups, I'd love to hear your opinion.

    My first generation carputer is simply going to me a jukebox. Its going to have a big harddrive, a nice soundcard, and a wireless card. The only software it really needs to run is Media Center (J River). I haven't decided yet, but the carputer will either been a P2 with 128mb RAM (the RAM can be upgraded if need be), or, a speedy Shuttle XPC I'm using for my home audio system. Obviously, if I can get my setup to work on the slower (CHEAPER) computer, that is the route I am going to go.

    So the question is, which of these setups is likely to perform best on an old PC? My gut tells me a stripped down Win98 would work best, but through my research it seems like a barebones XP install is possible even on an old clunker. I would also like to hear opinions about the commercially availbile tweaks (litepc is the only one I know of at the moment).

    Win 98: tweaked through public, free internet tweaks
    Win 98: Lite98 version
    Win2k: public/free tweaks
    Win2k: 2000lite
    WinXP: public/free tweaks
    WinXP: XPLite

    Obviously, if you've used any of the versions, I would love to hear your review. If it is truly amazing software and worth the $25, let me know. But if you think I can get decent results through the free stuff floating around, I'd like to hear about it as well.

    Once I get my hands on the slow comp I am thinking about using (in the mail) I will certainly be testing different things out. But it seems like there are ton of different options and directions I could go. Hopefully I will be able to narrow it down to a couple of promising options to investigate fully.