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nLited install & MediaCar

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  • nLited install & MediaCar

    Hey guys,

    Tweaked my system both manually and with nLite but now Mediacar refuses to work - comes up with an error of:

    Error Number: 380
    Invalid Property Value

    Debug information: MEDIACAR.Frm_main_menu.LoadSkin

    I'm guessing I've removed some fundamental graphics stuff - any ideas???

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    reinstall MediaCar


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      Is that with the default skin or a custom skin?

      Just that that was the exact same message that I got when I used a custom skin and forgot to install the required fonts that came with it.

      It could be that nLite removes all but the most common fonts?
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        its just the skin thats mucked..
        scroll down and look at the faq...

        # Question:
        Why do I get error 380?
        # Answer:
        Error 380 is a font error, my skins require the lcd2 font. You may need to reboot your computer after installing the skin, so that the font will register. The installer puts the font in C:\windows \fonts, so if you have windows installed in a different directory you need to manually install the font in your fonts directory.