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nLite without .NET possible now !

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  • nLite without .NET possible now !

    Hi folks...i see some of you are bothered by .NET in nLite...well now there is a way for you to try nLite without installing .NET Framework !

    Just go to my homepage and follow instructions...let me know if it doesn't work for someone and it will be fixed.

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    Wow. Why do people hate having the .net framework installed so much? It's mainstream, like the java runtime environment. It's not loaded unless it's need.. all it does is take up 30megs on your hard drive..
    There's no way people are upset over the 30megs.. Seems to be a blind anti-m$ thing to me. Am I missing something else?


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      I agree with you even though it's somewhat bigger that that when it expands it's assemblies but it doesn't take any memory resources.

      It simply bugged me that people all over talk about nlite and .NET would be stupid for me to rewrite it to c++ if all it needs is few DLL's.
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        hey nuhi hows it going glad u came here cheers. but thats kinda true dont no why they hate the .net either.


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          Knuble: I have to agree, infact my front end is designed in .Net However I think that poeple are trying to find a way to get rid of "unneeded" megs... If thier applications don't utilize the .Net technology I guess its a legitiment way to save 30 megs.

          However those of you who read this and are tempting to follow the instructions to take out .Net Be careful here .Net is very powerful and is being used by a mass of new software, so if you remove it from your nLite's now and a few months down the road a killer app comes out it may be .Net dependant.

          If your thinking of GPS solutions for your vehicle's and your in North America I know there are a slew of embedded front ends comming out that utilize .net framework.

          Thanks for reading hope this helps guys/gals
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