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Win XPe vs WinCE Questions?

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  • Win XPe vs WinCE Questions?

    Hello all I have some questions for those of you who have used either Win XPe or Win CE or both on your HTPC or CarPC.

    First off please mention which the answers pertain to.

    What are the functions of your computer?

    How well does it run (speed, stability, start up time)?

    What type of devices are attached?

    What are you booting off(Compact Flash, HD)?

    I would appreciate as much information as possible as I am debating between using these, I have heard that Win XPe is not robust enough for the job, but would like to know from your experience.
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    My CarPC is still in development as I'm testing various hardware and constantly tuning my software, but so far it runs well and it runs everything I need it to. It's a tweaked nLite installation with even more stuff removed, plus my EWF and MinLogon hacks installed on a SanDisk ExtremeIII 1GB CF card. It cold boots (from BIOS HDD detection to useable desktop) in 18 seconds on a VIA MII 1GHZ with 512MB of RAM.

    I think if you're just doing this as a hobby nLited XP plus extra mods found on this forum and elsewhere is much easier to deal with. If you're planning to build everything yourself from the ground up then WinCE may be your solution, but I think we're getting to the point that there's really very little difference between the two when you think of all the stuff people have their CarPC doing. I'm currently trying to decide if I want my system to be closer to a useable PC or more "device-like" (no explorer, war-driving, etc., just telematics functions).
    EWF, HORM, MinLogon on XP.

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      Thanks man, I am suprised with just one person responding though
      I know what yer thinkin...did he fire six shots or only five...