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How to disable this screen?

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  • How to disable this screen?

    Anybody know how to get rid of THIS boot screen in Win2K?

    Iíve changed my BIOS image, my startup screen image, gotten rid of logon status windows, auto logon, and removed all icons from my desktop so that THIS is the only image seen until my front-end launches. Unfortunately, this damn Windows screen flashes for a couple seconds on boot.


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    You can't do it with software alone (unless you used Windows CE/XPe).

    You can do it with hardware, however. Using a DSSC startup/shutdown controller, you can turn on your display after that screen has gone away. The DSSC was actually desgined to do exactly that (in addition to starting and shutting down the computer with the vehicle ignition).

    The DSSC helps provide a more OEM/Professional look to your install.

    It's continuously variable, so you can turn on your display anywhere from 0 to 60 seconds after your computer starts.

    It's very affordable, and it will be available on the mp3car store soon.

    Kind regards,
    DashPC - The Linux Car (since 1999).

    Dash LCD, Via Epia, GPS, XM, OBDII, DSSC Shutdown Controller.

    As seen in the book Geek My Ride