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Help with nLite, please!

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  • Help with nLite, please!

    I can't seem to get nLite to work.

    I'm using the newest version (beta 5), trying to make an xp pro install with sp2 slipstreamed. My first attempt was with several useless components removed (calculator, etc...) and a few tweaks. Didn't work so I went simpler, but still didn't work. Several tries later - even with no components removed, no tweaks, just straight up xp pro and sp2 this is what happens:

    it starts installing,
    finishes copying files,
    then when the installer is supposed to load up and finish installing, I get a bsod with the following message:

    "The procedure entry point RtlEncodePointer could not be located in the dynamic link library NTTDLL.DLL"

    This happens no matter what options I use when making the ISO.

    If I install from the original Windows disk, it installs just fine.

    wtf am I doing wrong?!?!
    HELP ME!!!!!

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    1) post this rather in nLite forum
    2) do not slipstream any drivers in order to avoid their influence
    Anyway, I am pretty sure this is because of corrupted WinXP source media.