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Problem with Minlogon and Opus?

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  • Problem with Minlogon and Opus?

    When i had minlogon going on w/ my opus, it wouldn't shut down, but as soon as i switched it back to winlogon it worked fine...

    is there a known issue with minlogon and the opus power supply?

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    I dont know how the opus shuts down your computer, but i guess it uses the same functionality as your acpi power button. Since the "auto-shutdown when power-button is pressed" function does not work with minlogon, try the program here

    I want my via M10K to shutdown when i shutdown my car to, so i was wondering, how does your opus tell your pc to shutdown?


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      it has to do with the ACPI power button event not being captured by minlogon. someone posted an applet that fixed it in this forum. you'll have to search for it though because i can't remember where it is.

      *EDIT*: oh, never mind... someone got it for you already...
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        basically opus just waits 10 seconds (or you can set the jumpers to different times) before it "pushes the power button" and you just tell windows that when you push the power button to shut down your pc.

        thanks for the link!!


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          oops - to clarify that more, the opus has an additional cord that goes for the opus to where you would plug in your on/off switch on your mobo, that's how it sends the signal.

          thanks again!


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            ok, i thought it worked that way, but now i know for shure.