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  • Remove need to shutdown

    Is there a way to remove the need to shutdown? ie. just switch off the car and everything shuts off including the carpc.

    I don't know if this can be done but since some of you are using read-only cf cards I thought maybe it was possible. eg. People with Xbox in there car can just switch off without going through a shutdown procedure.

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    there are start/shutdown controllers such as ITPS, or you can use a good power supply with built-in controller (M1-ATX, Opus).

    they send shutdown signal to the computer when you turn off ignition.


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      You didn't get what I meant - no need to shutdown the pc - just turn off.


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        I've been doing that for a year now on XP. XP still running strong, just every so often XP will start with a startup scan which I never disabled. Ended up formating and starting clean about 3 months ago now just because I had a faster large hard drive available. You just have to be careful that you shut down once the system has been fully started up and no background defrag process is running. just disable the defrag task.


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          I always shut down my computer. If I didn't then my playlist would always start at the beginning, which means i would only listen to the first few songs on it.


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            I ran XP Pro for several weeks that way with no ill effects. Just shut the power off. Occaisionally would get a disk scan on startup but otherwise it was fine.

            I'm not sure I'd recommend it, but it appears that the anecdotal evidence is in your favor. Worst that would happen is you have to reformat and reload the OS.
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              if you use EWF then yes you can just turn it off no problems. otherwise you could screw things up if you're doing a lot of writing since XP clears the write cache when you shutdown. if you just cut the power the data in the write cache may not get written to the hard drive.
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                you can, but it will just go thught the normall long boot process.
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                  Put it into hibernation. It takes like 10 seconds to shutdown and starts up in about the same, and from exactly the same place as when you put it into hibernation. It just copies the ram onto the hardrive and shuts down. Then the reverse when it starts up. It works awesome on mine.
                  I have my 'power off' signal from the motherboard set in the power options to immediately put it into hibernation instead of 'asking me what to do' or just shutdown normally, etc.

                  To enable hibernation you've got to go into the display settings >> Screen Saver [tab]>> Power Options [button] >> Hibernate [tab]

                  Hope I helped
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                    You also didn't get what I meant - a hard turn off - ie. no pre shutdown/hibernation whatever, just like you would with a normal radio.

                    On a side note - I can't use hibernate as I am using audigy 2 nx - standby/hibernation is not currently supported. I am hoping they fix this in future driver updates.