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  • Best Optimization Programs?

    OK, my fingers are bleeding from all the searches I've done. There's a lot of different tips & tricks. Hopefully this thread can sort it all out & make some cogent recommendations. These all seem to do the same or similar things within windows to optimize performance and spped up boot times.

    What are various users' recommendations for each of these?
    1. DriverHeaven's TuneXP
    2. XPLite
    3. MS TweakUI
    4. Bootvis
    5. Whatever I forgot

    Are some better than others for specific things? I know #4 is kind of a standard, and is mainly for startup, but...
    which is best?

    Just list your preference & why.
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    My preference is none of the above.
    Why have a piece of softare to make registry changes and other such configuration changes when I can make them myself?
    Granted, I understand how to modify the registry safely and perform most of the config changes that such a software would make.

    I'd find out exactly what these optimizers change, then apply the shanges by hand. But that's geeky li'l ol' me.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Nlite + XP System Builder. You can do it all manually, but this combo saves massive amounts of time and has given me very good results.
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        oh gr8 but can u tell me where can i get a trial copy of THIS
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          TuneXp is badass, Ive used it on all my systems. I use bootvis to see where my "slow down" is on my boot process.
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