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  • nlite network help

    Sorry if this has been covered in a previous post. I just finished my nlite install. Everything is working perfectly, except for connecting to shared network drives. Normally, I can just access the drive by:


    This doesn't work.

    Also, I cannot change my workgroup name. It is greyed out. If I go to "my network places", and click on "view workgroup computers" I hear the windows "beep", and nothing happens.

    Is there a service that I missed that would cause this? Thanks!

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    i had same problems on home pc, car pc i didnt change anything and its cool... let me know whatsup

    next - wifi


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      do you have the computer browser service installed and running?
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        I'll have to double check. Is that in services?


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          yes, it's called computer browser services.

          I remembered I still able to use \\computer after I disable browser service.


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            I don't even have that service for some reason. It's probably some setting I checked off in nlite.

            I don't think that would affect my ability to change workgroups would it?