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Is it friday the 13th?

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  • Is it friday the 13th?

    Sunroof stuck.

    Window wipers jammed.

    Just when I thought all my bad luck must be used up...

    Installed new 4 port serial card in carpc, crash!

    Chkdsk ran and truncated all my files in windows/system32 by 1 cluster as the first link was invalid etc.......

    SO, I needed to re-install windows.


    Now I get a 7B stop error whenever it says starting windows, this is the starting windows msg before you press f8 to agree to the terms and conditions etc.

    7b is usually IDE/raid

    I know I have a raid controller, but I'm not using it and I never have, only 1 HD in the carpc system so its on standard ide ch0 as a master.

    It was fine before I crashed it etc, the HD is fine and the controller is fine as it autodetects the HD.

    changed the ram.

    turned raid on/off in bios

    unplugged all cards (sound, wifi, extra serial etc etc)

    Turned off all I can in bios.

    Tried it with no HD, same. (should get a help no HD msg press f3 to reboot)

    I'm puzzled, its giving me a headache.

    Oh and changed KB to a simple one, some of these multimedia keyboards used to cause gate a20 problems years ago.

    Its a kg7 raid. AMD 1400 athlon 512mb ibm deskstar 60gb. been stable for years. now it hates me!
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    All that happened in one day? Its time to change your name to lucky
    Only true postwhores remember everything they post



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      I think its my windows cd, its a bit scratched, so I have downloaded a backup, but the ones I can find are newer than theone I had, so maybe the newerbuilds of windows dont like my MB or need to see an ide driver where the old one didnt.

      It was ok with 2600 build, just used nlite to get my build version, it says build 0 ??

      From what I have googled I dont want a integrated SP1 or 2, just the old original 2600 release.

      Of course its no gtee that the 2600 version will work, but as that is what was on it, it should go back on it, in theory, if nothings goosed.

      The old windows install tries to start up, and gets all the way to desktop then reboots, I did think about copying the windows folders from this machine to it but this is p4 and thats amd, so that idea wont work.
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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        it is aug 27th
        My OLD carputer page
        My NEW carPC

        Via Epia M10000, 512 PC2100, Opus 150, 8" lilly touch, 320 GB 7200 WD Caviar


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          Fixed it, my original is beyond hope, and the 'backup' I made was duff, so I downloaded the '8 in 1' disk, no problem.

          Must send bill the original back see if they will replace it under warenty, it is under warrenty for 'coaster abuse' I presume..
          Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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            i think you need to activate the 8 in 1 disk... might not say it the first week, but after a couple of days it will.(from my experience)

            don't do the SP installs. those will make the activation come up as well.