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CF boot. CF Shows up as D:

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  • CF boot. CF Shows up as D:

    After following Sfiorito's EWF guide down to every tiny detail, there is one problem that i just cant sort out. My CF boots fine into DOS, and apparently transferring the files from HD to CF is done correctly. However, when I do my initial boot from CF, it almost resumes from hibernaion in complete, but always leads to a BSOD. Pressing F8 while booting gives me the option to "delete retoration data" and do a "fresh" boot. Doing this makes my CF appear as drive D, and obviously the drive is no longer "protected" by EWF..

    Any ideas?

    Best regards, Ketil.

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    do you still have the HDD plugged in when you boot up?
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      No other drives connected, only the CF which is set as master.

      Ps: Thanks for sharing your knowledge and spending time with us here SFiorito. Its highly appriciated!

      All the best, Ketil.


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        I had the same problem this week.
        Here is a fix:

        It worked for me.