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HORM and Harddisk ?

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  • HORM and Harddisk ?

    Ok, i followed the instruction of installing EWF and HORM in the thread "New EWF + MinLogon and CF instructions".

    The resmany.dat is in the root of my c:-drive. And even writeprotection seems to work, because when I enable EWF changes on the c:-drive aren't save.

    Soooo, I enable EWF and hibernate the computer. Resuming works fine. But when I cut power the computer doesn't resume but starts as if shut down.

    What's strange is that I don't get the message "Windows didn't shut down properly" as you'd get on a system without EWF and HORM when you cut power. So I think that the drive is protected.

    There's a file in the C:-root called HYBERFIL.*. Don't remember, something like that. So it seems that he really keeps the hibernate file but just doesn't use it.

    I realize that you guys normally use EWF and HORM for CF-cards. But it SEEMS to me that it would also work with a harddisk (because I can protect the drive and the hibernate file is kept).

    I hope someone has a helpful idea why the system doesn't resume when I cut power before.

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    Does no one have an idea ?


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      HORM will not work if you have any removable devices connected to your system when you create the hibernation file.

      It has been covered in

      If you create your hibernation file with all removable devices disconnected and then reconnect them for subsequent boots windows will after restoring from hibernation detect them and allow them to be used as normal.