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windows XP shutdown/hibernation issue?

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  • windows XP shutdown/hibernation issue?

    I'm having an issue I wanted to see if anyone else had come across. I find that when I enable "USB keyboard support" in the bios in my VIA EPIA MII board it will cause windows to freeze every time it tries to turn off the computer or finish with hibernation or shutdown. I disable that feature and it instantly starts working again. It will make it though saving and all other functions and windows never thinks it was shutdown improperly when I force it. It's just not very convenient to have to wait 45 seconds for my powersupply to force it off every time I need to shutdown or hibernate.

    I need USB keyboard support for those rare occasions windows boots up in some sort of repair mode and needs keyboard input to continue. Without that enabled the usb keyboard will never work.

    any expert ideas out there? Tried google and all they recommend is to "disable" it.

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    so its shutting down with the keyboard attached?
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      Ok, i know this thread is old but i am just having this problem now

      wishbone - i am having the same problem. Now, if i leave the car running and do a normal shutdown or restart i have to wait like a good 5-10 minutes for the computer to actually turn off. I am going to try disabling the usb keyboard support and see if that solves the problem. can you plug your keyboard in using an USB to PS2 adapter? does that fix the problem?
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