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best OS for carputer?

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  • best OS for carputer?

    So last night I had a small success. got my system to boot up after assembling it on my kitchen table. One step down, many more to go. My next immediate decision is which OS to load.

    I'm looking for opinions/advice on which OS is best for the carputing environment. (open to all OS's but preferrable XP or 2k)

    I have already tried to search with not much success...but if there are some better keywords youve got that I haven't tried yet that let me know.

    I already own Win 2k Pro and Win XP Pro, so if one of those is the best so much the better. A lot of people have mentioned Windows XP MCE, but I was thinking if I were to use RR or CF I wouldn't need MCE. Also, then I don't have to buy another Microsoft OS. And I dont know Linux, either.

    Thanks for your help

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    PErsonally, I say XP.
    Either 2000 or XP will work, although 2000 may take more niggling to work the way you want.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      XP Pro for sure. And if you have lots of skills with XP, you can try using nLite to make the installation small. Then you can go and tweak for fast boot performance (turning off unnecessary services, minlogon, etc).
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      • #4 really depends on the speed of your computer....if your planning on running RR or another front end and your computer can handle XP or Media Center without slowing down at all, it wouldnt really matter. One of my friends is using MC w/ RR and it runs really smoothly (but he also has a very fast computer) id base my decision on that.
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          yeah, the computer I'm running is a P-M 1.86Ghz with 1gb of ram. My worklog:
          So I'm guessing I could run it all just fine, but it seems like the consensus is to go the XP Pro route. (which may be a good idea for further down the road, more things will be XP compatible in 5 years, etc...) XP it is! .... unless anyone gets a word to the contrary before I install it...


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            Heck, after some heckling on here about using 98SE, I installed TinyXp rev04 on my 300mhz touchscreen laptop and it works fine for me! nLite with regular XP would be similar. Go for XP on your setup.


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              running XP Home that was preloaded on my 1.5 Ghz Celeron Toshiba LT. Resume from hibernation is about 15 seconds. So my vote goes to XP s well
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                So I go to look for my XP Pro package and discover that it's not with the rest of my OS's, then I remembered that the package was oversized and didn't fit in my file cabinet. So then I began to tear apart my house looking for it in every possible place I could have hidden it (I really hate when I put things places that I think, 'Oh this will be a good safe place for this item' and then proceed to forget where that 'good safe place' is. It's safe from even me!

                So after a lot of swearing and cleaning I still haven't found it. It's starting to look like I'm boned on this one so I'll probably have to buy another stupid copy of it.


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                  Since nobody mention, I am going: Windows XP Embedded. I think it's really good solution.

                  I am still in a process of building hardware, but I am planning on having a dual boot Linux and XP Embedded and then make a decision based on what suits me best and sticking to it.
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