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  • Windows XP Embedded "base image"


    I have stumbled across a fresh copy of Windows XP Embedded SP2 at work and started playing around with it a bit. Being a Linux kinda guy I really like the idea of only adding the needed options to a runtime image.

    I have read all the other threads about XPe and many people said that it took them ages to find the right configuration. My question is if it is possible to create a base setup in Target Designer that allows RR and FreeDrive to be run and just needs the Component created form the Target Analyzer logs to be added to it to be customized for the specific setup?

    I hope I wasn't being too confusing
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    I would also like to look into XPe for the windows version of a crossplatform OGL GUI
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      Designing a Target for an XPe system takes time. You need to find out which dependencies are nessassary and which not. I pressume that you want your target to be as small as possible, so you'll have to find out which components you need and which you don't. In my opinion it is not possible to design a target that only contains RR and Freedrive and the TA-component.


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        I purchased a HP thin client with XPe installed on a 256 meg chip, added a secondary 100 gig drive and i'm good to go. i only use it for mp3 and video. through my bmw oem screen, and i-bus.