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BEST tweaks to use?

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  • BEST tweaks to use?

    OK ya i know theres the faq, but what tweaks (specifically) would you guys recomend is a MUST?

    my boot time is about 40 sec (using win xp w/o nlite or anything, cf as shell, epia 10000)

    i wanna make it umm, faster, but i dont wanna do TOO many tweaks

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    Suggestions for the BIOS setup:
    Disable USB boot.
    Disable auto IDE checking.
    Disable floppy drive and floppy seek.
    Make certain boot order has the HDD as the first (only?) boot device.
    Enable quickboot (if an option).

    For within Windoze:
    Start > Run > MSCONFIG
    Disable an components you don't want running at startup. With CF running as a shell, I'm not certain how this will affect anything.
    Good luck
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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