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    Project DeleteXP, Introduction to Project Slimming Down Windows XP: The Complete Guide

    this was written to assist in the deletion of windows xp, originally written by Bold Fortune (
    since that Bold Fortune dude is greedy, he did not provide us with his batch files, although the guide
    may have certain drawbacks in using batch files, such as deleting files which you may need,
    it is much easier to modify the entries in the batch file to avoid a particular file deletion
    in addition to the fact that now we DO have a deletion script (which took btw one day to write)
    this project is designed to be run OUTSIDE the system, that is, you cannot be running windows xp
    or at least not the windows xp you are going to delete, the scripts need to be run in DOS
    and specify the commndline arguments the scripts require, currently they require the directories
    with their drives of the windows, system32, profiles and program files.

    the site is

    but how work

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    hey duude thanks for mirroring my files, I could even add a link to that myshare account couldn't I ?

    I hate downloading like that tho
    but maybe the speed is more important than convenience, maybe if you don't mind I could offer that link on my site as a bandwidth saving alternative for users to download and/or when my site is too busy ?

    how about you could make the new version uploaded also ?

    meanwhile maybe I should work on a guide of how to use it


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      sorry i m italian....but the link at rapidshare i must delete?

      I have not understood



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        file :
        <a href=>thanks to pantapei</a></body></html>
        do you understand HTML ?

        can you do

        and then I can do
        file :
        <a href=>thanks to pantapei again</a></body></html>