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can someone help me out with boot times??

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  • can someone help me out with boot times??

    i installed xp and started trying out skins, when i was satisfied i uploaded my music and it slowed down boot time to about 2 min from the previous 45 sec, so i deleted my music and still slow, i reformatted and the second time boot with nothing but xp takes 3 minutes, even with selective startup it still takes 3 minutes in the XP loading screen WTF??
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    How to speed up boot with buried features in msconfig

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      faster boot times

      hey dude, if u want a faster boot time, u want to go to start, then run, then type in msconfig. a box should come up and go to the start up tap, and disable all the ones you dont want to start up when u turn ur computer on. i ussally disable all because that increases the boot time so much and there might possibly be spyware booting up...


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        Are you sure nothing else changed, like hardware, or perhaps your HD is going bad. I can't think of a single reason why adding your music, or even a clean install, wiould increase your boot times. Aside from changing the services that are loaded upon boot, or a different OS, nothing SW wise would increase your boot times.

        Something else is going on.

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