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XP install hold on install because of space

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  • XP install hold on install because of space

    Hello all here,

    I'm a newbie and my englisch isn't very good so sorry for that.

    I'm trying to install Win XP on an a HP thin client (HP t5000) with an flash memory of 512 MB. No HD in it and no controlercard for an HD.

    I have a little version of xp, needs only 248 MB, so it has to fit but on the install XP hold because of the little space for it because the minimum install space XP needs is 1398 MB.

    How do I pass this warning so I can go on with installing.

    Thanks you all

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    maybe install on a hd, then make an image, then restore the image on that drive? that's what I would try...
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      You can remove that minimum space requirement using nLite, I've seen the option there. I'd definitely go with Turbo's suggestion though. Good way to kill a flash drive is installing an OS directly to it.

      That way you'll only have to write the drive once, you are going to set it up read only correct?

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        USB Flash Drive

        Just Make sure that you usb flash drive is U3 generation so it can be a ble to run applications.
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          Thanks for your ideas. I will try it some of it and let you know the result.

          Thanks a lot.



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            First how big is your ISO(image) file?
            there are ways to do it but it would require you editing some files in on the windows CD..witch can be a pain in the ***

            You best bet it to get
            1. a winPE CD
            2. somekind of external HD with 2GB or more OR
            3. network your laptop with another PC in your house with a big enough HD

            Make sure your USB stick if formatted with the required HP software (FAT32)(im sure u did that already) label your USB stick "XP"
            - connect your external HD or newtork PC to the laptop
            - Copy the XP cd onto either one -from above
            Power up the winPE CD
            -open the cmd prompt
            type X:\cd i386 "enter"
            x:\1386\ type winnt "enter"

            "X:' is whatever you put ur copie of XP on (external or network HD)

            The XP install should start, and just click the "XP" partition when it ask where you would like windows installed
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