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Camera Drivers missing in TinyXP, which files to add ?

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  • Camera Drivers missing in TinyXP, which files to add ?

    I'm running TinyXP on my CarPC. I found out too late that it has camera support removed. I don't want to reinstall my CarPC, but manually add all required files to use my EyeToy webcam (the EyeToy camera drivers are already installed, that's obviously not enough...).

    Can somebody tell me which files are required ?

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    Damn, no one ? I really don't want to reinstall my CarPC .


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      I too use Tinyxp. It definatley has alot of stuff removed from it that makes likfe difficult. Its more than just the camera support, its all the "plug and play" usb drivers if im not mistaken. Im not sure how to reinstall them but i think that you probably can do this. Check microsofts website for any downloads you might be able to find pertaining to camera or usb support. Other than that, i dont know what to tell you.
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