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CDMA and RR, Anyone? Anyone?

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  • CDMA and RR, Anyone? Anyone?

    Has anyone gotten CDMA to work with RR yet?

    I've got a treo 700w and it's driving me nuts trying to integrate it. Seems the only people working on phone software are "across the pond" and they're all GSM............

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    I worked on the CDMA support for PhoneControl while it was in development. Here is my write-up. Not much has changed since then. Unfortunately, CDMA phones don't follow the rules of the standard AT Control set so we're pretty much stuck with ALMOST. The PCS Connection Manager from Sprint has improved some, but full integration into the front-end is still unattainable. So basically, I'm stuck with dialing out from the front-end (doesn't read phone's phone book must create external one for PhoneControl), answering and reading texts with the connection manager, and no text out capability.

    There are some current software available, but I haven't bothered to try any, yet. Freephone and RRMobile to name a couple, but as you said the developers are across the pond using GSM.
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      If you are just looking to integrate data and not do an entire sync with the phone read on...

      Instead of thinking of this as a RR issue, think of it as a Windows issue. Your phone and OS have all the software available to do this. Unless it has been specifically disabled by your carrier (look to for workarounds and files) you should have wmodem.exe in your treo's windows directory. It is a wireless modem program that converts the usb connection into a usb modem or bluetooth modem. In Windows create a dial up networking connection to use that specific modem (drivers at or google), use "#777" for the dial up number if you are on sprint or verizon with anything as username and password (google to find your # and login credentials for other carriers), and set to not wait for dialtone in the modem properties. Set the connection to autodial and you are golden. This hands the networking aspect to the OS where it should be done, not having to configure some oddball plugin in RR. I did this for ages with my apache and mogul, and can do it with my touch pro though I now have a data card. Hope this helps you out a bit.

      Both http://ppcgeeks.com have a wealth of info on doing great things with that phone.