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GM '89 ALDL Celebrity HELP!!!! (Scanning)

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  • GM '89 ALDL Celebrity HELP!!!! (Scanning)

    okay, my car is gettin old and i need more info to be able to diagnosis problems.

    I tried testing with the MAX232 chip and the RESISITOR coupled with the diode Ė all to no avail. Basically, I ended up bunging up my 12277330 ECM (may be recoverable since the power outtage).

    The thing that I find amazing is that 89-ish GM celebritys are EVERYWHERE!!! How is it that I can find a *.DEF file for the for ANY program. I tried using ECM852 (probably a wrong thing to do) seeing as how it meesed up my ECM (it may have fix from a power cycle, but I didnít chceck Ė simple the codes caused it to bung).

    Here is what I have: 1989 Cheverlot Celebrity with an 1227730 ECM>

    I need software that will work with it Ö I donít care If I have to pay (although nice would be nice).

    Címon Ö people must have experience with Celebrity Ö there are millions of them out there.

    Plesae send me any and all info that you can.


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    If you're willing to pay, you can find an ecm on craigslist for pretty cheap. It will probably come with the rest of a car, but then you'll have some spare parts.

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      Hey, welcome to mp3car!

      Unfortunately, this forum is really dedicated to the process of putting computers in our cars (carputer). You might be better off trying . The 730 ECU is used in a lot of GM vehicles, among them a bunch of third gen camaro/firebirds, so software that works with them, should work for you.

      I would hate for you to wait around these forums, when an answer would be more forthcoming on a more applicable forum.
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