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    When I switch to the full screen view, the bottom destinator blue bar with sat info appears at the bottom of the screen. It's not there in the normal view.

    The wierd thing is I have the exact same configuration on my indoor test PC, and it work perfectly on that machine - no blue bar, a perfect full screen map.

    I've tried deleting all FD files from the car PC and reinstalling from scratch.
    I've tried deleting all FD files from the car, and copying the same files from the house PC on the car PC - it makes no difference.

    The only significant difference I can think of between the machines is that on the house PC, FD runs at 800x480 and only takes up 25% of the screen. On the car PC, 800x480 is the total screeen area. However I can't see why this should make the bar appear.

    Can anybody help?