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update on FreeDrive 0.5

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  • update on FreeDrive 0.5

    ok, been playing with the code the last for days, I have added and fixed bits and bobs, but then main improvement is FreeDrives SDK. It can now send and receive commands, so if you want to tell it to goto the address input page you would simple do COMsend "FreeDriveSDK" , "address" or in RR this would be "SENDMSG;FreeDriveSDK;address".. this would cancel any page your in and bring it up. I have also tested the new way RR can display information through SETLABEL commands. This means that I will add some default info so you can display it on anyscreen, like ETA / ETR, Long / Lat etc.. will take me a few days but should make it loads better to integrate with stuff.. like having the road name your on, on all screens could be handy :-).. direction your pointing.. etc.. etc. its endless. (well it is, but I cant be arsed typin them all now). I have tested this SETLABEL by sending the time including seconds to RR, to see if there was any lag.. and there wasnt :-)

    anyway thought I would update you :-)

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    Looking good then! If it finished as polished as the install in your car it will be amazing!!
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      well its getting there... i'm not a coder by any means.. slowly learning, but I'm aiming for version 1.0 in the end.. so 0.5 is halfway there :-).. theres only afew things I want to add till I get to version 1.0 like speed cams.. which is the next biggie. I was going to approach a couple of people who have already coded a standalone speedcam util, see if there willing to share there source, this would speed things up no end ! If your reading this, then please post or pm me.


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        I really like yor designs. And Freedrive promises a lot.
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          Keep up the good work. I'm not a programmer either, yet I have to take programming classes. It's frustrating trying to teach/learn everything yourself. Good luck with your project!

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