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Feature Request - Different Routing Options

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  • Feature Request - Different Routing Options

    Before I start... just to say awesome work CdRsKuLL, this app is becoming so functional, keep up the good work.

    I was having a play with an Audi stock GPS system. and wondered whether you were able to program a similar feature... or whether it is limited by the SDK.

    Once you have entered your destination, you can scroll through a number of different routing options, seeing the route change on the map. You then select the specific route you want to follow.

    Is this possible to implement into FreeDrive?
    Alternatively, is it possible to include a 'via' command so that Freedrive forces the route through a particular place or along a particular road (similar to online directions such as on

    Hope to hear everyone's opinions on this...

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    you do have a option of shortest / quickest route.. I can make it ask you which you prefer if you like ?

    As for way points.. I do intend to add them sometime in the future, but when I dont know


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      Cheers for the reply.

      Are the quickest/shortest route commands available via the SDK? I don't have access to my carputer at the moment so can't check your documentation.
      If they are, then I will just add a button to my skin.

      However, my request was more of an advanced feature that would give the options inbetween the quickest and shortest route. I expect this might be out of your control, so maybe a good solution would would be to include a 'via' option in the address dialogue box.

      Anyway, no rush on this, just thinking ahead to a perfect FreeDrive!


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        tim what you wan't can't be done easily i don't think the D3 sdk will even let you

        You can go into planning mode and click way points that you want but it won't route you then say are there any points you would like to stop at.
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