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  • FD 0.82 update

    Fixed - ETA/ETR update (untested)

    Added the following SDK commands
    quickorshort - swaps between the quickest and shortest route (can swap whilst routing)
    skin - opens skin menu
    importcams - opens cam import box
    setgps - opens the set gps screen
    changeunits - swaps units from M to KM and back again

    Added the following to the SDK.ini
    FDMENU= This will display FDMENU.SKIN in a RR Skin folder (allows custom menus)

    Added the following
    Pressing the number of cams on the main screen will refresh the cam list
    Pressing either the distance left or the speed will swap units from M to KM and back
    Pressing the number of sats will reconnect the gps unit (handy when coming out of hibernation)

    Sorry that its take ages to just add these few bits, just been that busy at home getting ready for the new baby.. which will be arriving I hope this week :-)

    Grab the update from just replace the original 0.80 or 0.81 .exe

    let me know


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    Cheers for the update m8. :-)


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      I'll give it a try tomorrow


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        The main reason I have added the extra sdk commands, is so you can now make your own menu's using RR.. for example

        Create a button on the so it does the following

        B,0,560,75,42,"MENU;GPSMENU1.SKIN" (This loads the skin called GPSMENU1.SKIN)

        now in this skin you can have as many buttons as you like, make it look how you like, and even have it call other menus like GPSMENU2.SKIN ... this skin floats ontop of freedrive (like the exit menu) you can even set its transparent if you wish (V,80)

        Now in this GPSMENU1.SKIN you will need to add buttons that look like this..

        B,045,045,160,060,"SENDMSG;FreeDrive;address||EXIT ",""
        B,045,120,160,060,"SENDMSG;FreeDrive;favorites||EX IT",""
        B,045,195,160,060,"SENDMSG;FreeDrive;view2d||EXIT" ,""
        B,285,045,160,060,"SENDMSG;FreeDrive;home||EXIT"," "
        B,285,120,160,060,"SENDMSG;FreeDrive;history||EXIT ",""
        B,285,195,160,060,"SENDMSG;FreeDrive;view3d||EXIT" ,""

        This sends sdk commands to FreeDrive, please look at the readme for more info on the commands used.. You will need to add the EXIT like above to close the menu also. If you want to add a second menu then you would do it in the same way as calling the first, but you would stick the EXIT at the end to close the 1st and open the second

        I hope you understand :-)



        O yeah.. nearly forgot to point out.. say your running a RR skin of 800 x 600.. then menugps skin doesnt have to be this, it can be 400 x 400.. and RR centers it on the screen, like the menu below :-) I will be adding another sdk.ini setting command, this will when set, disable FD's menu and send a command out instead.. this is so by tapping on FD's map screen you will be able to get a RR menu to open.
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          ok.. just uploaded another .exe to the same address.. so if you grabbed the 0.82 update after I posted this, then you will have the latest version..

          I have added another SDK.ini command..


          so if you were to set FDMENU=RoadRunner then on tapping the map FreeDrive would try to open a menu skin called FDMENU.SKIN So you will need to create a skin called this in your RR skin folder... but you should be aware when FD is running by itself, then no menu will appear if this setting is left in the SDK.ini file of Freedrive.


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            looks cool will ahve to test soon

            What about showing the sat aquiring dialog?

            to see whats actually happening with the gps?
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              Good news, i must test but another Idea :

              When you define route, it is saved in map directory in previous.dat.

              If you quit freedrive, you can recover this route with Destinator or mapmonkey or Mediacruiser.

              Freedrive don't use this previous.dat when it starts


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                Originally posted by grave
                Good news, i must test but another Idea :

                When you define route, it is saved in map directory in previous.dat.

                If you quit freedrive, you can recover this route with Destinator or mapmonkey or Mediacruiser.

                Freedrive don't use this previous.dat when it starts
                Hi m8, no freedrive stores all past points in the history folder, I use the previous.dat folder for eta/etr routing updates. If your halfway through I route I can code in so it remembers on re-start.. this uses another .dat file

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                  my English is very bad but i don't think so :

                  when you define a route, previous.dat get it's time instantly changed. if you close freedrive then openDestinator (C_Client.exe in destinator directory ) you recover your route.

                  close destinator, open freedrive : no route then if you reclose freedrice and reopen destinator, no route.


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                    previous.dat holds all the previous destination points. I kill this file and use this for eta/etr calc's. If you close FD with a route then D3 creates a file called Path.dat, this is only created when there is a route, not when you simple close FD. The difference between FD and MM, is that MM uses the previous.dat file as its history, where FD creates its own dat file and stores them in there.

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                      Great work m8. Wasn't able to test it while driving but I have one thing to ask:
                      I display some FD data in RR like next turn and next street. It all works really nice but once I arrived at my destination and continue driving or I cancel the route the FD does not update this data any more. So I still have something like "Turn left" and "Abbey Road" on my screen. Can you make FD update those variables or whatever you wanna call them so nothing is displayed?
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                        quick question: how do i get (part of the menu) to be transparent --(you can even set its transparent if you wish (V,80))--


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                          Originally posted by bo96
                          quick question: how do i get (part of the menu) to be transparent --(you can even set its transparent if you wish (V,80))--
                          This was when you are using a roadrunner menu, not a freedrive one. If you want a roadrunner menu to be transparent then just add V,80 to file. I have played with transparent menus before, they work fine until roadrunner embedded FD, then things just go tits up, so i'm sticknig with solid menus at the mo.

                          You can mind u do 95% of FD menus in RR now :-)

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                            Hi, CDRSkull,

                            Tried 0.82. Sorry but for me i'ts not your best version.

                            Eta and Etr :
                            I saw your trick: Route recalculation every km or mn with your splash screen : "Please Wait" ==> new origine at your current position but this give strange results. Example : If you go the wrong way, you can hear up to 6 "route recalculation" before freedrive recovers head ; Very irritating. Tried same route and same mistake with vers 0.81 : new route is faster calculated and only one "route recalculation" when find. (same new route but you are not lost in a center town)

                            History :
                            you were in the right !

                            In Map directory, Previous.dat stores History. You can alter or restore this file and this delete or recover "Destinator history". Freedrive use also History.dat in Favorites directory.

                            With C_Client or Mapmonkey, Previous.dat is only changed when you define new route. No matter with route recalculation. With Freedrive Previous.dat changes when opening Freedrive then at every Route recalculation.

                            Route :
                            If you define route, (but you said it yesterday) a new file Path.dat is created when exiting any destinator program (C_Client.exe or FreeDrive). This file is erased after you reopen any destinator frontend.

                            Experience with C_Client : you delete Path.dat : no route when reopening. You restore Path.dat and then recover your define route when beginning Destinator.

                            This file is not used by Freedrive ?

                            Hibernation :
                            Manual reconnecting works fine and avoid to close and reopen freedrive when your GPS is lost. Result, your current route is not canceled. Good job.

                            For me, best use for the moment should be : Vers 0.81 + manual reconnecting of 0.82 + Skin with touchmenu = 0" ==> allows manual route recalculate for ETA and ETR.