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Possible to skin menu?

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  • Possible to skin menu?

    Or should the question be, "How do I skin the menu?"
    And the "Settings" menu?

    I've had a dig around, and I can't for the life of me figure it out..

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    Menu Skinning isn't available yet.
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      not in FreeDrive its not, but it is in RoadRunner. Let me explain.

      1. In the SDK.ini file in the freedrive folder add FDMENU=RoadRunner
      2. Create a skin in RR called FDMENU.SKIN, also create sub menus if needed

      When you add FDMENU=RoadRunner in the SDK.ini file, this tells freedrive that you want all menu presses (includes touchmenu) to tell roadrunner to show its menu screen. The FDMENU.SKIN would be a menu skin.. a bit like the exit skin which would auto center on the screen and also allow you to have whatever you want anywhere. Then in the FDMENU.SKIN.. say you wanted a address button you would have something like...


      This would then send the sdk command to FD to display the address box and also close the FDMENU.SKIN to return back to normal. You could if you wish have a FDMENU2.SKIN so you can have more options, even have a 'next' / 'prev' button like on the FD menu which toggles back and forth between FDMENU and FDMENU1.
      so say you want another menu.. so you can have more stuff on , you would use something like


      Think that would work.. it would close the current menu and open the FDMENU1.SKIN

      hope this makes sense.. I have tried to include lots of sdk commands to make skinning the menus from RR easy


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        Sweet! I'll give it a shot