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  • Waypoints?

    I've been using FreeDrive for the last couple of months, and find that it works fantastic when cruising around the city. For off-road navigation it didn't work out so good. A couple of small features would help a tremendous amount, and I was hoping to run them past you. I apologize if this has been discussed before; I didn't find it with a quick search.

    1. Support for lat/lon when entering in a routable destination. Addresses don't work very well outside of the city. Destinator does have rural roads, USFS roads, and USFS 4WD roads though, so it still has the potential to be very useful offroad.

    2. The ability to manually create a favorite w/o having to be at that location. E.g. I want to set my in-laws cabin as a favorite w/o having to be physically at the cabin. I can see how to enter it as a route destination, but I can't figure out how to enter it as a favorite. Support for both address and lat/lon entry formats.

    3. Support for multiple waypoints on a journey. This is less important, if number 2 is already done, as I can enter the second/third/fourth waypoints as favorites instead. There are two useful scenarios with this feature. 1. A user would enter in a series of waypoints (or select them from the favorites list) in the order that they would like to visit these waypoints. 2. The user enters them in, and then a travelling salesman algorithm is used to determine the optimum/quickest way that all of the points can be visited. I'm not sure that destinator supports the latter, and it would require access to the underlying data structure to write the code to do the calculation ourselves.

    4. The ability to store favorites in folders to group similar favorites.

    5. I haven't looked at the Destinator SDK... Is there any way to put an image up as a backdrop to the destinator roads? E.g. a shaded relief map.

    Thanks for listening. The Freedrive interface to destinator is very easy to use with the default skin. I'm extremely happy with it. Thanks for the hard work that you've done on this.


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    Ok... so I didn't get a single reply to my post.

    Is there a better place to put a post like this where it would be more welcome?

    If this is something that CDR Skull isn't interested in doing I'd be happy to look into doing it myself. Before I spend a bunch of time with the Destinator SDK, are these enhancements something that is even possible with it (The Destinator SDK)?

    Thanks for helping me get pointed in the right direction.



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      I haven't used Freedrive much, but MM has a manual destination feature so it is possible. As for adding it to the favourites, again in MM you could navigate to a manual destination then navigate to it by using the history and from that screen add it to the favourites. You can organise the favourites into folders in MM too. You can plan a trip with multiple waypoints...added from favourites/history/POI or address.

      These are all in MM, but as I said I haven't played with freedrive much so I'm not sure what has been implemented yet. But it shows that they can be...
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        Maybe I'll checkout MapMonkey again before spending the time to code my own solution.

        Thanks for the reply,


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          Change from the default skin to the other available skin.

          2. Possible - Enter the destination in address, then click "add fav"

          3. i remember this used to be available, but have forgotten how to do it. you could enter the locations and do it in that order, or tell it to find the shortest path to all waypoints. forget how.