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cant set home address

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  • cant set home address

    I'm using road runner, with freedive for gps, ive got the maps installed ok from destinator, but when i click on home I get a message saying - You need to store your home position in the my favorites folder called home.

    I'm probably just being stupid but i cant figure out how its done. If i click on favorites i get the favorites screen with only one entry - my favorites. if i click on this nothing happens. Ive tried click on address then favs, but the i get a error - path not found:IMPOSSIBLE TO BUILD WAY.

    then the screen shows - please enter below or enter your own, the OSK is visible at the bottom of the screen

    any ideas?

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    you must set manually your Long and Lat in the setting of freedrive


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      The FD menu has an option called "Save Position" When you are home, press
      this button and a screen will open that prompts you to enter the name of the position that you are. Type the name "home". From now on every time that you press the "Home" button you will be routed to that position.
      The road is long but we are getting there.


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        thx guys


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          I've set the HOME position in favorites, but when i hit the home button it navigates me to the correct road, but not the correct address.

          If i look it up in favorites and hit Naviagate it also get's me to the correct address. Seems like the HOME function doens't use the gps position but tries to look up the address or something (and can't find it so it positions me on the correct road, but in the middle of it, not at my address.. (if that was possible to understand))

          Aargh... trying to explain this again...

          Say I live at the star

          The home functions seems to find the middle of the road.. like here.. and navigates me there..

          And since it's quite a long road.. well... I'm quite far away from home when it sais i'm "home".. hehe