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  • Minimise / Shortest Quickest Questions

    Hey guys ... awesome proggie. Use it on a daily basis.

    Couple of questions ( I think I am still running v 0.8)

    1. Is there any way to minimise the screen? When I open it it opens full screen and to change media I often have to shut down FD to go back and change media player etc. I use touchscreen as only interface, so alt-tab etc are not an option.

    2. Is there a bug with the difference between shortest and quickest route? When I click on it, the route changes, but for the life of me I cannot see which mode I am in when I select it. It's not displaying which mode anywhere for me?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if these have been addressed in v0.9 which I havent had time to upgrade to as yet.
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    As far as I know it should display the type of route you use on the info display (The one that also shows which turn to make next )


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      1) Which frontend are you using with FD?

      2) This is fixed in 0.90


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        Thanks guys. I don't use a front end. 12" Touchscreen and can't beat Windows XP and Media Player as the front end
        Australia's Largest CARPUTER Discussion