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Transparent skins possible???

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  • Transparent skins possible???

    I would like to make a transparent picture/skin showing in the foreground of the map..something like streetdeck is doing in mappoint!
    Is it possible to do that??? i tried but the map is always in foreground..
    Maybe someone could implement the map showing in background and skin
    in foreground so we could make transparent images/skins...

    That would be sweet, but i dont know if thats possible cause the labels too have to be done in ETA...etc.

    sorry if that question is totally stupido cause i havent been working with the destinator-sdk yet!

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    this is in the next release :-)

    more info soon
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      Cool CdR...good news! I am going to make a skin once its implemented....for Roadrunner and Freedrive :-)
      BTW any Chance if I could have a look into the swf´s you are using in MC2.0???(Mean the fla´s) That would be great cause i am not really good in coding flash....but want to use freedrive and achieve some nice implementation in Roadrunner!
      THX and waiting for that "more info soon"! :-)


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        I made the flash in swishmax so only have them files, but your welcome to them if you want a lookie :-)

        let me know

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          yep will pm you about that flash-files...thx
          Another Question:
          In that Preview its not clear if its really possible to make transparent images!
          Does that mean that i can only "cut" images (with pink background like in garo´s nav)???? I would like real transparency like shown here->

          Skins would look far better....