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Difficulties registering @ freedrive w/site

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  • Difficulties registering @ freedrive w/site

    Hi guys

    I've been trying to register at the freedrive site since yesterday with problems getting the activation email. I think there is a problem with the mail (smtp,sendmail) settings of the site as I've tried registering different accounts with different emails and all of them have not received the 'activation' email in over 24 hours.

    Is there anyone with a mirror to the freedrive application? Pref in Australia?

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    Had same issue. Mailed the admin many time only the first time he replied me to check my spam box...
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      reason I dont email back is because i'm too busy with life and doing other things.. Over 3500 people have reg'd on the site, so I dont think its anything to do with the site. The only thing I can think of is that the return email has been blocked and sent to your spam/junk mail folder. Other than that I dont know sorry. The way I look at it is.. if you cant even work email then jezz.. u aint got a chance with FD.. lol

      Only joking, will have a look when I get 5 mins.

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        I noticed the site was down for some time, pherhaps that was the cause.


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          the first time i registered i got the activation e-mail within seconds.

          but now i tryed to re-register several times and got no e-mail at all! there was no activation-email on my spam-box neither!

          the e-mail account "[email protected]" doesn't accept emails too! no matter from which account i send e-mails to [email protected] i get an undelivery-notification back.

          my only user "Prefect" that is correct activated has no rights at all on the freedrive website.

          sad the freedrive website has this many problems. i want the patch and discuss bugs on the forum!


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            I am investigating the email registration stuff now


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              I have just registered myself from scratch to a webmail account at work. Everything went through perfectly, check your junk mail folder, the freedrive mail ended up being recognised as spam and separated.